Whats new in BOBJ BI 4.2

As SAP announced 4.2 in late Q1 2016, I would like outline promising/key new features that are part of release (subjected to change) . here are the some of the features which I found interesting

BI Platform

User Notifications – Administrators can now broadcast a notification to the BI users (can be particular group) . This will ease the communication of system maintenance.

Recycle Bin – This is a great idea, administrators no longer need to worry on restoring from backup, a simple restore from recycle bin will do the work.

Administrator cockpit – A visual page with all the key required information ( servers, Jobs, users, applications ) .

Promotion manager – selective retrieval of objects, this is a great feature ( Traditional import/Export wizard had this though J) . This will avoid restoring the entire system , administrators can create a promotion Job with whole content on daily basis and retrieve particular in case of deletion )

Audit – audit reports/universe will be now packaged with installation.

Tomcat 8 and MSQLA– Tomcat 8 will be the default web application server and my SQL anywhere is default CMS/Audit DB

Installation – Install is now in 2 parts Pre-caching and Post- caching. Pre caching can be down background via CLE which doesn’t require any downtime. This will significantly reduce the downtime for upgrades.


Web intelligence

Parallel queries – Queries now run parallel at DB which will effectivelty improve the response time, if the report has more than one query , The number of concurrent job can be configured via XMl file on server. This feature is supported on UNV, UNX, SAP HANA

Commentary – Comments of reports in web I

Shared Elements – Export the report meta data as shared element which can be re-used, this will simplify the web I report creation.

Charts – geo maps, Lumira extensions are part of Web i


Linked Universes – Linked universes will be back in 4.2

Bex Unx – Authored UNX universes on bex ( Just like 3.1 UNV)


Please follow the below link, for complete list of detailed features


-Karthik Addula


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