Month: August 2016

BI on BI – Metadata Browsing – BOBJ 4.2 SP3

BI on BI – Metadata Browsing – BOBJ 4.2 SP3

BI on BI – metadata repository reporting


It is always a good practice and needy thing for IT managers to know what is happening with in their BI environment. Use cases to browse metadata of BI tool are quite many including report inventory, user analysis, Schedules and the metadata combined with Audit records this is make the house cleaning activities simple.


The CMS database, which holds the BOBJ metadata, has always been locked (encrypted to be precise) to query. Hence connecting via standard SQL tool was nit possible. We need to develop an SDK solution , in order to accomplish the same. The in-built admin tool has capability to query the CMS, but that is more HTML bases form kind of reporting.


With the new 4.2 SP3 , SAP released inbuilt CMS driver, which can be used for creating universes and can be consumes in bobj suite of reporting tools.




After successful installation of 4.2 SP3 client tools, you can find CMS database driver under SAP drivers.



Using the session token will use the current CMS session and credentials used for IDT login.



Creating the data foundation and unx is regular standard process.




Once the universe is published, you can use the native BOBJ reporting tools and consume the universe.

Below is the sample user – folder mapping report


Sample report – unx mapping


Here are the detailed documents on query Builder basics and CMS database tables




Karthik Addula – Tek analytics