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Fiori look Web I Interface – BOBJ 4.2 SP4

With BI 4.2 SP4, the new Fiori look BI Launchpad is introduced. The new portal is addition and is not replacing the classic BI launchpad.

This Blog is intended to walk through the options available while viewing a Webi report in New BI Launchpad. Once the user Logs into New BI Launchpad, all the documents will be shows as tiles.

Comparison (Look) with Old BI Launchpad

Below are the quick options available in the new interface for the end user.

By default, the report opens in normal interface and user can switch to advanced interface by choice. Below Screenshot shows the quick options available.

By Switching to Advanced interface, all the interactive options will be active. Users can quickly Rank/sort the data in the report

Changing Prompt values

Unlike classic BI launchpad , there is no in-built design applet for new version. There is an option to “Open in designer” which will takes you to Old version through Opendoc link


Karthik Addula

Principle Architect


Fiorified BI Launchpad

Quick picks

Url to accesshttp://server:port/BOE/BILaunchpad

Security Changes – Yes, new right needs to be granted

Old Version – No confusions please, Classic BI launchpad still available and can be used for many advanced functions. In my opinion , new launchpad is strictly a consumer interface.

First Look

Changing preferences

Go to User profile > Click on settings

The setting are very similar to classic BI Launchpad.

    Users can set preferred Landing tab

    Pixels for web-based look

    Hide/show totals for Analysis OLAP

By default the landing page navigates to Home Tab (with Show all selected). Users can change the documents to view as below

Context Menu

Context menu of Tile/document can be launched by clicking the 3 dots at bottom on each tile, which lists all the properties of the document

Context menu is similar to right-click on report in classic BI. Below options available under the context menu

Working with Categories

Document tiles in new BI Launchpad can be grouped by categories.( Standard BOBJ categories). Security can be configured at CMC level. Documents can be tagged to categoris from context menu.

Once the document is assigned to a category . changing the landing page view to categories will display all categories .

Viewing standard BI folders

Once you login to BILaunchpad, select Folders Tab which displays all the folders for which the account has access to.


Bharat Sunkari

Managing Partner – Tek Analytics



Whats new in BOBJ BI 4.2

As SAP announced 4.2 in late Q1 2016, I would like outline promising/key new features that are part of release (subjected to change) . here are the some of the features which I found interesting

BI Platform

User Notifications – Administrators can now broadcast a notification to the BI users (can be particular group) . This will ease the communication of system maintenance.

Recycle Bin – This is a great idea, administrators no longer need to worry on restoring from backup, a simple restore from recycle bin will do the work.

Administrator cockpit – A visual page with all the key required information ( servers, Jobs, users, applications ) .

Promotion manager – selective retrieval of objects, this is a great feature ( Traditional import/Export wizard had this though J) . This will avoid restoring the entire system , administrators can create a promotion Job with whole content on daily basis and retrieve particular in case of deletion )

Audit – audit reports/universe will be now packaged with installation.

Tomcat 8 and MSQLA– Tomcat 8 will be the default web application server and my SQL anywhere is default CMS/Audit DB

Installation – Install is now in 2 parts Pre-caching and Post- caching. Pre caching can be down background via CLE which doesn’t require any downtime. This will significantly reduce the downtime for upgrades.


Web intelligence

Parallel queries – Queries now run parallel at DB which will effectivelty improve the response time, if the report has more than one query , The number of concurrent job can be configured via XMl file on server. This feature is supported on UNV, UNX, SAP HANA

Commentary – Comments of reports in web I

Shared Elements – Export the report meta data as shared element which can be re-used, this will simplify the web I report creation.

Charts – geo maps, Lumira extensions are part of Web i


Linked Universes – Linked universes will be back in 4.2

Bex Unx – Authored UNX universes on bex ( Just like 3.1 UNV)


Please follow the below link, for complete list of detailed features


-Karthik Addula